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Press Release: Hawkeye Energy Solutions expands product portfolio with new Cooler Refrigerator Freezer (CRF) Monitoring System

Shorewood, IL – January 1st, 2013 – Hawkeye Energy Solutions announced the availability of a new cooler refrigerator and freezer monitoring system. The Hawkeye Talon CRF is designed to protect costly food investments by monitoring critical food temperatures.

This affordable solution also allows food managers to comply with local health department guidelines and continually monitor critical food temperatures. Food managers can review histories of temperatures and door opening times during normal occupied hours and un-occupied hours. The system alarms and automatic emails or text messages are sent to service personnel when temperatures begin to decline at a damaging rate. This new system also includes advanced diagnostic reports that can predict maintenance and send alerts if the operation patterns start to change. Some features include:

  • Compare all coolers, refrigerators & freezers at one site
  • Multiple sites on one view
  • History graphs & logs for years
  • Customized daily reports
  • Diagnostic reports
  • FDA Food Code 2009 Compliance
  • Alarms and key personnel email and text alerts
  • Optional inputs: humidity, compressor energy, runtime & more
  • Optional compressor optimization control
  • Optional BAS system integration


Hawkeye Energy Solutions manages and reduces utility usage for multi-site retail, industrial and institutional facilities. With over 20 years of experience, Hawkeye provides state of the art energy management, metering and control solutions that empower corporations with real time energy and utility data.

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Aaron M. Mason
Director of Operations
Hawkeye Energy Solutions

Tuesday, January 1, 2013