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Hawkeye Energy Solutions is a leader in automation systems technology. Specializing in the open protocol Niagara Framework, Hawkeye’s team of engineers evaluate automation and control technology options that meet the customer’s performance, financial and sustainable goals. Today’s building automation systems are even more powerful with Data Analytics. Our engineers are the, ‘Best in the Business’ when it comes to cutting edge Data Analytics solutions. We are Niagara certified Java developers allowing us to create customized JAVA solutions for almost any challenging requirement. Hawkeye specializes in the following automation platforms:

Man working on automation systems

  • Tridium, Niagara Framework
  • Honeywell WEBs-AX
  • Rockwell Automation Platforms





Master Systems Integrators

Hawkeye Energy Solutions is a campus master systems integrator. Our engineers design, coordinate and maintain campus-wide building controls standards. We integrate multiple control system platforms (and/or manufacturers) into one common, consistent and easy to use user interface. We have extensive experience integrating control systems from:

  • Honeywell
  • Johnson
  • Delta V
  • Rockwell / Allen-Bradley
  • Wonderware
  • SQL
  • American Auto-Matrix
  • Oracle
  • OSIsoft PI

Utility Grade Metering

Hawkeye Energy Solutions team of engineers are the experts in metering systems. Whether the goal is revenue-grade billing, cost accounting or energy management; we know what meter and what meter manufacturer is right for which situation. We incorporate the latest metering technology with web-based reporting software to present data in a usable fashion that users can understand. Hawkeye metering systems include the following:

  • Complete metering system design & installation
  • Electricity MeterMeter and instrument calibration and certification
  • Data cleansing, analysis, and reporting
  • Utility energy management systems (including BTU metering)
  • System service and maintenance 
  • Energy accounting software 
  • Utility grade visualization and accounting software 
  • Gas and Fluid flow Manufacturers
    • ABB Electromagnetic Flow Meters
    • Schneider Electric (Andover / PowerLogic / Square D)
    • Eaton
    • Veris
    • WattNode
    • FLEXIM
    • Sierra Instruments
    • Electro Industries
    • Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL)

Critical Environments

Hawkeye Energy Solutions designs & builds critical environment control systems. We pair the latest control technology with a wide range of robust controls systems for redundancy and dependability required in critical environment rooms. Hawkeye Biosafety Research Labs (BSL 1-3) include the following:

BioSafety lab worker

  • ASHRAE/ANSI standard BioSafety lab control system design & installation
  • Systems testing and commissioning
  • Daily system health reports
  • Operator staff training
  • Campus master system integration
  • System service and maintenance