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Energy Software


Hawkeye Talon™ Monthly Report

Hawkeye Talon™ Monthly Reports are generated from data stored on your system. Given the proper permissions to access your Hawkeye Talon™, Hawkeye's engineers download and review the energy activities of the past month. On staff engineers then analyze the data for trends and provide a simple and comprehensible report with suggestions for making adjustments.


Honeywell WEBs-AX™ Energy Analytics

With the addition of the Honeywell WEBs-AX™ Energy Analytics software, users are provided the opportunity to analyze large amounts of stored energy data in seconds. Energy usage can be separated from building to building or department to department. Using the multi report functionality of the WEBs-AX™ Energy Analytics, users can easily identify key usage trends and create usage strategies to reduce energy consumption.

For more information, download the WEBs-AX™ Energy Analytics Guide.

Features & Benefits

  • Simplicity - There are no additional workstations to buy. There is no separate software to buy, install or troubleshoot on your workstations. With the web-enabled, real time user interface, you can access the system via a standard Internet browser. Whether you're in your facility, at home or anywhere in the world; you can easily view the information you desire.
  • Access - Information access via the Web lets you easily connect to your building regardless of where you are in the world - the only software you need is your Internet browser! Alarms are prioritized and can be sent via e-mail, phone, cell phone, PDA and remote printers directly to those that can provide the fastest response.
  • Designed for Change - As your business changes, you can easily reconfigure a workspace, move a department or make other changes and know that your facility can change as quickly as your business does. Because WEBsAX utilizes standard Ethernet communication technology, you can leverage the Ethernet backbone of your building, reducing costs as your business grows.
  • Proven - Backed by the Honeywell name, Honeywell's leadership in control technology spans more than 110 years. You can count on Honeywell to deliver value, quality and reliability.

SkySpark Energy Analytics (New!)

SkySpark Energy Analytics software allows users to analyze large amounts of stored energy data in seconds. Users can customize the software to create their own rules for the data collected. These rules, tags, pattern recognitions and other techniques provide users the ability to identify issues that arise (or "Sparks"). SkySpark works with all types of meters, BAS systems and databases. No longer data rich and information poor, users get the right information at the right time. With SkySpark, users find what matters.

Skyspark works with building automation systems to alert building operators of real time energy & utility usage spikes. This state of the art software package allows users to correlate energy & utility usage spikes with 'significant events' occurring at the same time. These 'significant events' are user programmable and can include such things as damper position, valve position, set points, ambient temperature etc. Skyspark is a powerful tool for reducing energy & utility usage while not only finding but also minimizing the impact of maintenance issues.

For more information, download SkySpark White Paper.