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Data Centers

Data centers are some of the most energy intensive facilities in the United States. Data centers are 15 to 40 times the energy cost per square foot as compared to typical office building space. Reducing energy and utility costs in data centers can pay huge dividends. Some efficiency upgrades are simple low cost (or even no cost) changes while other upgrades are larger infrastructure projects. It starts with a Hawkeye Energy Review of the facility. With Hawkeye Project Financing, the entire process is made easy.

What is the Hawkeye approach to improving data center efficiency?

Data Center Energy

  • Work with IT and building staff to identify building & system inefficiencies
  • Target power and heating inefficiencies in the white space and at the plant level
  • Sub-meter the existing conditions
  • Make data based (informed) decisions with the operating staff
  • Manage the installation of the upgrades
  • Improve equipment reliability, visibility and maintenance costs
  • Reduce carbon foot print and help promote "Sustainable" and "Green" initiatives
  • Make sure the new efficiency upgrades are maintained for the life of the systems with Hawkeye Talon™ sub-metering


Reduced Operating Costs

Energy and utility costs represent a large portion of a data center's overall operating costs. On average, most data centers can reduce energy and utility costs by up to 30%. Hawkeye Talon™ UMS puts energy and utility data at your fingertips so users can see, manage and reduce these costly utilities. Hawkeye Talon™ UMS allows users to benchmark their data center to identify areas of improvement and set goals. The system can also manage equipment based on real-time needs and automate changes to lighting and HVAC.

Utility Incentives

Many utilities have 'Data Center' specific incentive programs available to promote data center energy efficiency. These programs can reduce the total project cost by up to 50%. Since these programs may not be around forever, it is imperative to take advantage of these programs sooner than later. The engineers at Hawkeye work closely with many of these energy programs and can maximize the incentives for your data center project.

Reduced Business Risk

Predicting future energy and utility costs can be a challenging task. Hawkeye’s energy analytics software allows users to run a “what-if” analysis to better understand the impact of volatile energy and utility costs. Planning a new data center project? With Hawkeye Talon™ UMS, users have a better understanding of the real-time energy and utility needs of a data center operation. This information can be very useful in making decisions about future data center projects and minimize the overall project risk.

Increased Equipment Reliability

Equipment repair and replacement costs can be significant. Hawkeye Talon™ UMS gives users the ability to manage equipment operation through automated, intelligent alarms and real-time trending. Hawkeye Talon™ UMS also provides information to correctly size replacement equipment. Correctly sized equipment will minimize energy costs, repair costs and reduce failure rates.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

The energy and utilities required to operate a data center can create a large carbon footprint. Hawkeye Talon™ UMS provides the ability to track your real-time carbon footprint and set reduction goals. The system can also be an effective tool to communicate progress throughout your entire organization.

Promotion of "Sustainable" and "Green" Company Initiatives

Increasing efficiency shows that you are committed to protecting the environment. Hawkeye Talon™ UMS provides the capability to promote your achievements to customers and employees. Hawkeye Talon™ UMS can display dashboards with goals, achievements and real-time usage.

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