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Hawkeye Energy Solutions

Hawkeye Energy Solutions improves efficiency and reduces energy & utility operating costs. Our projects range from simple Energy Reviews to complete building system renovations. With our proven methods, reducing energy & utility operating costs also improves reliability, productivity and maintenance costs.

Start to Finish

The process of permanently saving significant energy & utility costs starts with an energy review of the facility. This includes calculations of common energy use indexes and potential utility incentives. We then data log or sub-meter existing conditions to make Ďdata basedí decisions. After that, we coordinate the upgrades and permanently monitor the relative systems to make sure all upgrades continue to save energy for the life of the systems.

"If you own or operate an industrial, commercial or institutional facility, contact us today! Letís reduce your energy & utility operating costs and then letís make sure that it stays that way."

Gary Powers, PE, CEM

Email us at or call us toll free at 1-877-744-0505.